AKC Registered Name: CH. Emerald's Flyin Solo
Call Name: "Solo"

Owner : Heather McIntosh

Co-Owner / Breeder : Sarah Neely - Emerald Boxers

              Born : April 18, 2004   -    July 2008

               Plain Fawn Male (red stag coat color)

               Height : 24"

               Weight : 68 lbs                                                         Solo is retired


 Solo was born to show. He is very flashy in the ring and exudes confidence as he glides around it. His movement is smooth as glass. Outside the ring he is a very energetic, boisterous boy, with a zest for life. He loves kids and is very gentle with them. Like all boxers he LOVES his people and can hardly stand to be without them. One of the endearing qualities of this boy is how it doesn't matter whether you are mowing the lawn, going to the mailbox or cleaning, he is never more than a step behind you. Always watching out and aware of everything. He will always let you know when someone comes over... but not overstep the line.

Health Testing

SAS - Clear by Dr. J Woodfield DVM, Board Certified Cardiologist (7/12/05) 
24 Hour Holter tested - NORMAL (May 2006) 
Thyroid - NORMAL 

Competition: Conformation - Awards

Number of Points 16
Number Major Wins 2
Number Major Judges 2
Total Number Judges 6

03/13/2005 - Seattle Kennel Club, Inc. - Adrian W Woodfork - Puppy 9-12 Mos. Winners Dog 1point

03/26/2005 - Tanana Valley Kennel Club - Mr. Jon R. Cole - Puppy 9 - 12 Mos. Winners Dog - Best of Winners 5 points - A Major

03/27/2005 - Alaska Kennel Club - Dr. J Donald Jones - Puppy 9 - 12 Mos. WinnersDog - Best of Breed/Variety Best of Winners 5 points -  A Major

09/17/2005 - Wenatchee Kennel Club - Ms. Charlotte Clem McGowan -12 - 18 Mos. Winners Dog - Best of Winners 1 point

10/02/2005 - Richland Kennel Club, Inc. - Mrs. Paula Hartinger - Open Fawn Winners Dog - Best of Opposite Sex 2 points

07/01/2006 - Bell Vernon Kennel Association, Inc. - Mrs. Tomas (Alane L.) Gomez - Bred By Exhibitor Winners Dog - Best of Winners 2 points

07/15/05 - Oregon Boxer Club - Boxer Specialty - Best in Sweepstakes Junior -  Grand Sweepstakes Winner!

We would also like to give Solo boy credit for the 12 Reserve Winners Dog Awards... thanks for all the purple and white "wall paper "