Jett is retired from our breeding program. She is living the good life as our family pet. She is one of my best running partners and constant companions.

Jett is a phenomenal dog to live with. Easy going, great with kids, extremely adaptable to new situations. We were very lucky to be paired with this special girl. I have absolutely loved the look of the dark reverse brindle boxers many years, and have searched far and wide for a boxer that fit all the right criteria; dark color, correct look, fabulous temperament, the whole package. Over the years I've had a very hard time with finding a dog that had all the right variables. That is till miss Jett came along. She had a few other homes previous to finally setting her roots here at Everlast. For one reason or another it didn't work out with the previous owners... but it is clear to me why; she was always meant to be here. I went to meet her after seeing pictures online with the mind set "don't get your hopes up... she probably has a lot of baggage, or the photos were misleading", but the INSTANT I met her... it was a done deal. She was confident, happy, beautiful, super animated, and a positive "no looking back" attitude. Forward and onward is her motto. A girl after my own heart. She walked into my house like she owned the place, like she had always been there, and immediately meshed into my existing pack. 

Check back for updates on this awesome girl.

Jett in a self stack

Jett in a self stack

Jett is now retired from our breeding program, and looks forward to living out her life as either an obedience demo dog here at Everlast, or possibly therapy work? Will see what she tells me she wants to do :)

 AKC Registered Name: 

Holland's Midnight Miss Demeanor

Call Name: "Jett"

Sire: Portocall's Typhoon
Dam: Princess Maggie Moo 

Owner: Heather McIntosh
Breeder: Brent Barton

Born: October 30th, 2007
Flashy Reverse Brindle Female
Height: 22 1/2"
Weight: 53.5 lbs

Health Testing


SAS Clear Dr. Woodfield DVM, Board Certified Cardiologist 11/30/09

OFA # BX-CA1928/25F/C-NOPI 

24 Hour Holter - Normal 0 VPC's - Dr. Woodfield DVM, Board Certified Cardiologist 11/30/09

ARVC Clear/Negative

OFA # BX-4329G26F-NOPI - Good