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Canine CPR - It could save your (dog's) life!


Recently in the news, you may have heard about a dog trainer who jumped into action during a training class to save a dogs life with CPR. It just so happens that the dog who's life was saved, was a boxer dog affected with the ARVC disease ( unfortunately very common in the breed) This being said, these videos are great tools to have in your back pocket, in case such an event should happen with one of your valued pets. Hats off to the trainer who jumped into action and saved the life of Sugar the Boxer. Watch this educational video...

Where is the link for the video?

The CPR video shows up on my browser ( Safari) but would also work in Firefox, and I think it should in Internet Explorer as well. If not, you can try this link
to see the correct dog CPR video. I can include the link for the actual news footage as well, if you want to see the trainer save the boxer's life ( incorrect technique... but still saved the dogs life at the time)

Wow, thanks for the CPR link. I had no idea.

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We have a Border Collie/Australian Shepherd cross and we love her to pieces! Turbo is a very dersviptice choice of names; our dog is 4 months old and completely crazy but what a fantastic hound. Have fun. And, thanks for sharing all of your artwork. I have recently ordered some of 'your' journals from Dick Blick and I cannot wait for them to arrive.Kelly in Canada

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