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Ear Posting (for cropped ears)


Here is a photo gallery of how to get cropped ears to stand erect :)

this is terrible. there is no reason to crop dog ears or dock their tails. the days of dogfighting and bullbaiting are over. it is time for us humans to catch up and let the dog's ears to grow naturally.

You are entitled to your opinion. It is true that early reasons for cropping and docking was to avoid injury, but if you do any sort if research, the American Boxer Club set the standard for the breed, to include cropped ears for expression, etc. The ABC just recently revised the standard to include natural ears, but still frowns on a natural tail. I believe in time the cropping / docking will be banned here in the USA as it is in many other countries, but it totally changes the essence of the breed as it has always been known. The additional problem lies with ( the show community) and the old school conformation judges that will hardly give a natural dog a second glance.

The othe thing many people don't realize, is how many breeds crop and not for dog fighting or bull baiting. Dobermans, Great Danes, Schnauzers, Brussles Griffon, most if the Pincher breeds, some Bostons, Beauceron, etc.

If you hane ever had a dog with a long whip-like tail, it can be a problem, especially for dogs kept in the home. It hits everything and is very annoying. I have two Boxers with natural ears and cropped tails but have had one with cropped ears too. My only problem with getting ears cropped is the knowledge and know how of the one doing the cropping. There seems to be different styles of cropped wars too. I have seen tall pointy (no natural curve) ears that look absolutely rediculous (in my opinion) and then I have seen beautifully done ears that are cropped following the more natural curve of the ears that come to a point.

I love the way Tesla's ears are done!

My 4.5 year old male has one ear that only stands when he is super alerted to something. And, it's pretty much become his trademark now to have one ear up and the other down so I'm not certain I really want to make a change. But, if I did, do you think this method would be effective at his age? You can see him on the Property Management tab of my website.

Hi Barbara, unfortunately, his ears are what they are at his age. Once the cartilage is set ( anywhere between 7-12 months) there is no retraining it. Generally if a crop were going to be done, it would be before 12 weeks of age, and the "training" process happens in the following months consecutively. While they are teething, ears will get "noodley" ( since most of the calcium from their diet is going into the setting of the teeth in the jaw bone) and the cartilage is affected during this time, but after the teething process is done, so are the ears. Hope this info was helpful :)

And Thank you Boxer Lover for your comments above. I agree the tail has a much easier time getting damaged on a Boxer when left full length ( have seen it MANY times) as well as the natural ears have a very hard time healing from injury if they get ripped or snagged on something. Believe me. I had a natural eared boy who had a nick out of the tip of his ear ( all it takes is running through brush and snagging it) and it took MONTHS to heal, because he kept shaking his head and slapping it around, re-opening the wound. He needed to wear a snood for months to allow it to finally heal.