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Toxic Food and Plant List


Holiday season is a time we love to decorate and entertain family and friends. There are some things you should all be aware of and protect your pet from illness. Here is a list if foods and plants to be careful of, and what the symptoms and treatments are if your pet has already become ill.

Entirely Pets List

Boxers are an athletic breed of dog, they eerscixe a lot and are more than willing to do anything to please their owner. Their ideal weight is lean, since they are athletic dogs. Lean means they are skinnier in the waist than the chest without their ribs showing; that also goes with all dogs. As for the kennel, when you have more than one very energetic breed of dog, a kennel is a great way to give each dog the attention they deserve without the other one being in the way.

who are complaining about the other dog in the crate: Unless the dog is kept in the crate clttsannoy and given no attention at all, it is NOT cruel. It is part of her training. Think of the crate as the dog's bedroom. If that dog was out of the crate while she was trying to do tricks with the other, chances are that dog would end up getting in the way. The dog appears to be quite happy where he or she is. Neither dog appears to be unhappy or neglected.

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