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This Blog is to chat about all things Boxers, dogs or even just training questions... so... What would you like to talk about?... let me know what is important to you...

I want to talk about the ladorable little Shih Tzu you have - Macy! LOL! Thanks for telling me about this Blog Heather, with your training expertise this will be a great resource~ Lorena

LOL Yeah, we can talk shih tzu, really any breed! (I know just about ALL of them...) Bullmastiff if you want. Not just all things Boxer but all things DOG!! :)

wow you are a very good trainer. have you tryed ctiteoipmng in an obedience trial? and btw my dog is 1yr old now and ive had some trouble her how to jump over stuff the thing is is that ive seen her jump on the trampoline and stuff on her own but she will not do it again is there any tips you can give to help me get her to jump when i want her to often?

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AbrahamMat, Our male boxer would jump on people when they wkaled in.We worked with him(can't let him near the door when you open it) and told everyone not to come in all excited to see him and that helped a bit.He's almost 11 now and while he still greets people at the door,doesn't jump anymore.

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