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Our Newest Addition: "Vander"


Vander is the Baby at Everlast...and he knows it. With his dad now the #10 Boxer in the country, I have high hopes for this boy. He is full of himself...and ready to conquer the world. We think he is 'the real deal'.

Hi Heather,
I look forward to this blog and the information we can glean from it. I want to know everything boxers of course. Who is Vander's father? He is cute!!


Vanders dad is Multiple Group Winner BPIS Am/Can CH. Bravo N Sunset's Stealing Time, also known as Sherman... You can look up his stats and info at

Fabulous idea! I just started a real estate blog and it is pretty fun! Beautiful dogs!

Thanks for the e-mail. Love your boxers!

Go to click on Breeder Referral. It will take you to the breed you are looking for and will have club names. There you will be able to look up Breeders that Bred to betetr the quality of the bred NOT TO MAKE MONEY. When you belong to a specialty club you must sign a Code of Ethics and go by THE CODE. Make sure you get a Health Guarantee on Eyes, Hips, Heart, and Elbows. Look at the dogs sire and dams pedigrees and if possible look at the litter mates to the sire and dam and if they have produced litters check them out also. It is best to do a lot of research BEFORE buying any dog than paying the vet a lot of money down the road.Also, make sure that if something happens that the Breeder is willing to take back the dog at any age. That will tell you what type of Breeder they are. And get a contract with everything spelled out before any money changes hands.References : Breeder and Handler of AKC Ibizan Hounds for over 12 years

i have 2 boxers male and femlae best dogs you can have as long as your willing to put up with a hyper dog. they sure do cute stuff with all that energy. i have never had a problem with either of mine warming up to or being around any other kind of breeds or sex of dogs but i socialized my femlae at a young age and my male is a rescue that is just laid back. my femlae even raised 4 orphan kittens without ever having a litter of her own. they are amazing and i will always have one in my home

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